Storm Damage Specialist

Storm Damage Specialist

Storms are invitable in the Bay Shore, NY area, but know you have a partner to help you should you need tree service due to storm damage. The tree care service team at American Pride Tree Experts & Landscaping Inc of Bay Shore, NY, is ready whenever trees on your property have sustained damage from storms that frequently strike our area.

Should the unfortunate event happen, call us to have your trees cared for properly after a storm.

We Offer Professional And Top Quality Service

In many instances, we can help damaged trees recover and repair themselves by pruning them for healthy growth. In other cases, we can provide support cables and braces to protect unstable trees.


Our tree care experts are highly experienced at assessing damage and developing an affordable plan to cut down broken or dead branches, removed toppled trees and support damaged trees with cabling to help stabilize and repair them back to health.

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